EGM-Series Electronic Flowmeter

Are Hall Effect pulse meters designed for volumetric flow measurement of clean liquids across a broad range of applications in the automotive, aviation, mining, power, chemical, pharmaceutical and petroleum industries. The EGM-Series will produce accurate and reliable measurements of almost all clean liquids, including but not limited to; alcohols, fuels and oils, water based salts and solutions, corrosion inhibitors, brake and transmission fluids, greases, emulsifiers, adhesives, insecticides and some aggresive chemicals.

Features and Benefits

  • Oval Gear technology for high accuracy and repeatability
  • Direct volumetric measurement of flow
  • Accuracy of reading is not affected by temperature and viscosity changes
  • Measures high and low viscosity liquids
  • Only two moving parts
  • “Fuel Consumption” option can tolerate flow pulsations and has an inbuilt temperature sensor to correct for the fuel density changes



Designed and developed by Ymedia

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