Gasso Skids

The safest and most accurate method of transferring petroleum products from bulk storage to a transport is through a reliable metering systems.

The basic concept in designing an Petroleum Products Metering Systems is to provide dependable components which cansafely be operated by drivers or plant personnel.
These systems are up-to-date answer to the ncreasing demand from oil, gas,petrochemical and chemical companies that wish to make the chargeover from top to bottom loading.
Gassó engineers use the latest technology to design systems that offer customized,cost-effective solutions to meet client’s specific transfer requirements.
Gassó delivers a complete range of customized integrated liquid and gas custody transfer solutions to measure and control all loading/unloading processes, including the following operations:

  • Metering;
  • Calibration and proving of metering systems;
  • Loading or unloading of tanks trucks and railcars (also with the big capacities telescopic filling lances from refineries);
  • Features to enhance safety and environment protection, such as fire protections systems and membrane based vapours recovery systems;
  • Emergency shutdowns systems;
  • Preset and automatic control system;
  • Data process and connection with client’s accounting system.



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