Gasso PTFE Hoses

Gasso PTFE Hoses

PTFE, or Polytetrafluorethylene, comprises long-chain molecules of carbon atoms, each linked to two fluorine atoms.

The fluorine atoms provide a helical spiral which surrounds the carbon chain and protects it.

It is this structure which creates the unique properties for which PTFE is well-known.

Excellent Chemical Resistance

PTFE is renowned as the most chemically resistant material known. Only a very few, very unusual substances and conditions can affect it, like Fluorine gas at high temperature and pressure and liquid, boiling sodium metal.

PTFE lined hoses can therefore be used for a wider variety of chemicals than any other hose type, making it the ideal choice for very corrosive chemical applications and multiproduct applications.

Non-Stick Surface

The use of PTFE as a surface for cookware products has demonstrated to the world how easily cleanable PTFE surfaces are.

This means that PTFE lined hoses can be purged 100% clean more easily, faster and more reliably than any other type of hose.

Excellent Temperature Range

temperatures from -150˚C up to +260˚C, dependent upon the hose design and the application conditions.



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