ECM-Series Engine Consumption Manifold

Fuel consumption of an internal combustion engine requires the measurement of supply and return flow, along with the temperature of each line. Often, the supply and return fuel flow temperatures are different due to the temperature difference between fuel supply tank and running temperature of the engine. This difference in temperature can contribute considerably to the errors attained in your fuel consumption figures.

With the aid of a consumption flow computer, a more accurate measurement can be calculated using the thermal coefficient of expansion for the process fluid, and based on the flow rates and temperature difference between the supply and return lines.

A typical system will require hard plumbing of meters and valves, along with fittings to allow the meter to be removed from the line. These systems can be quite cumbersome to assemble, deliver and install.

BanksiaControls ECM-Series Engine Consumption Manifolds have been developed to simplify the installation of such systems by combining flowmeter, strainer, temperature probe and isolate, and divert valves onto the one, easy to mount, engine consumption manifold.



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