The highly robust and compact EZ-Mag is designed to be able to cope with tough environments. Whether installed in-house or on a vehicle, you can be assured that it is up to the task. The all new design has a solid interior; allowing for industrial flanged adapters to be bolted directly onto the flow tube body - providing unmatched flexibility.

EZ-Mag has been designed with the flow tube as a focus point.

  • The flow tube comprises a polymer liner with 2 electrodes. It has three connecting points; two for the connecting flanges and one for a connecting electronics unit.
  • The electronics unit is available in three main enclosures: (CLASSIC) A metal enclosure - offering a more robust construction with an aluminium or stainless steel alternative. (PREMIUM) A Flow Computer with a back-lit LCD, also in a metal enclosure and an aluminium or stainless steel alternative, finally (BASIC) A polymer enclosure - offering a compact and light weight alternative.
  • The metal enclosure is attached to the flow tube by an adapter. This adapter is available in various materials, depending on the needs of the application.

EZ-Mag provides Four different outputs:

The Pulse Output: Provides a measure of the volume passing through the flow tube. Each pulse represents a pre-set quantity; i.e. 1 pulse for every litre.

The Current Output: Can be set to 4-20mA or 0-20mA. It is directly proportional to the volumetric flow rate. It can also be used as an output for the optional temperature sensor.

The multifunctional Output: Offers 3 alternative indicators. It can be used as a second pulse output, as a bidirectional flow indicator - showing the flow direction, or as a high/low alarm indicator for EZ-Monitor.

The Voltage Output: can be used to power the other outputs or external circuits. As shown, the digital display can be mounted at 0, 90, 180 or 270 degrees. Also, though not shown, the entire enclosure can also be mounted at optional 90 degree angles. This allows the EZ-Mag LCD to be clearly visible, regardless of the installed position of the flow tube.



Designed and developed by Ymedia

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