AIM Block (Additive Injection Manifold)

Additive Injection Manifold (AIM) block is a compact all stainless steel manifold assembly complete with isolating, flow regulating & check valves, a fine mesh strainer, solenoid valve & a precision oval gear flowmeter. AIM injects small amounts of modifying additives & performance enhancing agents into fuels & base products. These include lubricants, dyes, colourings, denaturants, detergents, odorizing, anti-freeze, anti-corrosion, anti-static, anti-detonating, anti-icing, anti-foaming and emulsifiers. AIM block will work with any controller or TAS system, serving as a composite slave assembly for accurate blending of fuel additives to fuels at loading facilities, stationary & mobile transfer units within the petroleum industry worldwide.


  • Compact Stainless steel design with stainless gears
  • All valve assemblies & the meter are detachable
  • Modular process connections (directional)
  • High accuracy & repeatability (±0.5% or better)
  • Simple to install, easy to service in situ
  • ATEX/IECEx approved Explosionproof Electrics
  • Quadrature Pulse Output option



Designed and developed by Ymedia

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